Annual Compliance Questionnaire: Automated

Jay Bley (Compliance Officer at ONESCO) was interviewed by FDS about their usage of CAESAR Registrar to meet their ACQ needs.

“Until recently, ONE has followed a very manual process in the distribution and gathering of our Annual Compliance Questionnaire (ACQ).  It was basically a free form process.  The Registration staff was manually sending hard copies and emails of the ACQ to representatives for completion.  The ACQs would then be sent to the Back Office via regular mail.  The main problem is that the Back Office would receive the ACQs with many inconsistencies.  The back office spent many hours chasing down representatives to get the ACQ in good order.

With the electronic ACQ implementation in CAESAR Registrar, this manual and tedious process has virtually gone away. At a high level, the ACQ project has proven very successful for ONE.  It has greatly reduced manual administrative efforts by promoting quality responses and preventing inconsistencies. The Back Office now receives ACQs in good order.  Where the reviews used to take 35-40 minutes, they now take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The ACQ application is built on the same platform as Registrar.  It is a set of wizard screens which guide the representative through the ACQ.  Built into each screen is the intelligence which dictates whether a question is Required or Optional and whether an action (another section or screen) should be triggered based on the answer. This is how the Back Office is able to receive the ACQs in good order and how they are able to review them in much less time. Although OSJs have access and the ability to view the ACQs, the actual reviews are completed by the Back Office.

Upon completion of the review, a few dates are recorded in the CAESAR system and the ACQ is simultaneously transmitted into the AWD imaging system at ONE.  There is absolutely no interaction with hard copies.  From the start of the ACQ to transmission into AWD, the process is completely electronic. It has proven both time-efficient and cost-efficient. Overall, the system is working great for ONE.”

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