About FDS

1_FDS-About_WPFinancial Database Services (FDS) was founded in 1979. Our first product was called CAESAR, a solution to meet the back office automation and commission processing needs of the fully-disclosed broker dealer. Since our inception, FDS has expanded its products and services and has become a leader in creating enterprise solutions for the financial services industry.

FDS’ core competencies are process automation, data analytics, document management, data engineering and software design across all platforms (web, mobile and managed networks). Our technical expertise and industry knowledge allow us to design and implement solutions that streamline operations and make doing business a more automated and efficient process.


David Woltman - President

dave_web (3)David Woltman  has more than 30 years of technology experience in financial services industry. Mr. Woltman first began working with FDS in 1989 (as a client). In 1998 he became a member of the FDS advisory committee. In 2006 he formally joined the executive team at Financial Database Services and in 2010 became a managing partner. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems from California State University.

Mr. Woltman is active in supporting the initiatives of the Scripps Health Foundation, Mercy Hospital, the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society. Mr. Woltman is an avid supporter of The Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute where he concurrently served as Chair of the Community Advisory Council and the Scripps Health Development Committee. He is also is a retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer.

Eddie Hillard - CEO 

eddie_web (3)Over the past 24 years Mr. Hillard has managed the growth of FDS from 6 employees to over 30 while establishing the firm’s reputation for superior customer service, and innovative product and service offerings in an ever-changing industry. On behalf of its clients, CAESAR has processed over $338 billion in investment products.

His research work, titled Professionalism and Ethics in the Financial Services Industry, has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal and cited during a Securities & Exchange Commission hearing. Mr. Hillard received a B.A. in Finance from the University of Utah and a Masters degree in Financial Services from San Diego State University, and awarded CFP designation in 1984.

Robert Melban - COO 

bob_web (3)Mr. Melban brings over 30 years of experience in Operations and Customer Service in the Financial Services Industry to the management team at FDS.  As the Operations Manager, Mr. Melban oversees the Customer Service, Integration, Help Desk and Quality Assistance departments.

As FDS expands, his goal is to leverage this pool of knowledge to maintain a strong workflow and service process model to enhance the client experience. Mr. Melban has completed extensive training in Lean Manufacturing and is Six Sigma Certified.

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